Perks of being in the Sales

At some stage, money might be tight. Aside from your full time job, you can earn extra income bsm gift card courtesy of bellavitay having a side job on your spare time. Getting another part-time jobĀ  would only earn you a basic hourly wage. So why not have a job that would give you a higher return? Getting into sales can earn you unlimited income. Aside from the commission there would also be additional incentives too if you are lucky.


Just this week, I have received an incentive in form of gift cards. Thanks to Bella Vita (part of Ayala Group) for these gift cards courtesy of the sales made by Cristina Pastelero, my sales partner in the Philippines. If you are here in Australia and wanted to earn additional commission income or join iSTRATEGISE property, just call 0450 431 536 for a confidential enquiry.


Article written by: Paulette Henry, Licensed Real Estate Broker in the Philippines